Thursday, April 20, 2006

Mendacity, mendacity.

"We have never contemplated doing something that would compromise our federal health transfers, I'm quite surprised that there was some suggestion that anything we might explore on that vein could violate the Canada Health Act.''- Iris Evans said yesterday, in a breath-taking display of contempt for the intelligence and memories of the people of Alberta.

Apparently bashing the Canada Health Act and openly threatening to violate it didn't go over as well as expected. Badly enough even, for some blithely Orwellian historical revisionism. Here's just two of the many relevant quotes:

"I said before that we will have to weigh the cost of the penalty against the costs of proceeding with the legislation if in fact it's introduced," - Ralph Klein o6/o4/06

"If Ottawa refuses to negotiate significant changes to medicare, we are willing to consider, as a province, going it alone. We are still a long way from that, but it is a consideration," Klein said in February, 2004 at the First Ministers Conference, before abandoning it to go play golf.

And of course this is the very same government that was fined for violating the Act in 1996.

In other words Evans is trying to completely erase a clear and unambiguous history. A history of remarks, policies and clear statements about the government's willingness and intention to break the Canada Health Act.

Don't you go to hell for stuff like this?

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