Tuesday, April 11, 2006

It should be left to who?

In an otherwise thoughtfull editorial in the Edmonton Journal I found these extraordinary words:

The future of Alberta health care should be left for Alberta's future leader to decide.

Excuse me? I know you meant to say it should be left to the people of Alberta to decide, right? The PCs do not have a mandate from the people of Alberta to make these kind of changes to Alberta's healthcare system. The majority of Albertans voted for someone other than the Torys, all the major parties, including the right wing Alberta Alliance have come out in opposition to the Third Way and other healthcare privatization schemes and so have a lot of Torys.

This is the bottom line, Albertans expressly and overwhelmingly oppose the gradual privatization of healthcare. Our leaders have been told in no uncertain terms: "Make the public system work." Helping out their friends in the insurance industry is going to have to be superseded by a little thing called the will of the people.

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