Monday, July 10, 2006

Ann Coulter's clock is ticking...

14 minutes and 57 seconds Ann, times almost up...


PhillTaj said...

Ann Coulter should really be fired into the sun. On that same rocket ship we should throw Michael Moore, Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Penn on it too.

Cliff said...

Sean Penn's a bit of a preened and pampered poseur so I'm fine with him being on the shoot into the sun list - but I wouldn't put Moore in the same category as Coulter. Moore actually does some real Journalism - advocacy journalism yes, but there's a whole News network south of the border that does that too. Coulter just indulges in ad hoc attacks and calculated outrageousness.

Moore is actually a deceptively skilled interviewer - he's gotten a lot of impressively candid, and discrediting statements and performaces out of his subjects over the years. That is not a common skill, even among professional journalists.

Does he occaisionally twist the truth? For cinematic effect, yes, but really not to the extent his detractors like to claim. I've seen the obsessively tallied lists and I'm frankly not impressed, you don't have to agree with his take on them but he follows the facts extremely closely.

Bottom line: If there was something he could be really nailed with he would have been nailed by now and he simply hasn't been.

I don't agree with the guy about everything, he's a bit arrogant and full of himself, but no way does he belong in the same loathsome category as Coulter - few do, 'though O'Reilly comes close.

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