Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I need an adult! I need an adult!

Observe the Alpha male chimp, showing his dominance with unwanted physical groping that most people feel helpless to stop.

Seriously though, is there any workplace in the civilized world where this couldn't be prosecuted as sexual harassment? This crap would creep me out and I'm not even female.

Or black:

Umm, isn't this kind of, I don't know, juvenile offensive fratboy idiot behavior for the leader of the free world to engage in?

Many commentators have also pointed out that in German culture particularly this kind of unwanted invasion of personal space is particularly offensive. Way to represent your nation Georgie, oh you don't mind if I'm familiar and call you Georgie right? And if we were to meet would you mind if I cupped your testicles instead of shaking hands? Or would a Secret Service officer blow me away?

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