Sunday, July 30, 2006

Oscar Peterson being harassed

CTV Newsnet just did an interview with 80 year old Jazz Giant Oscar Peterson in his home in Mississauga. He's been dealing with an escalating pattern of abuse from a pack of racists harassing him in his home.

Jesus Christ!

Is this Mississauga in 2006 or Mississippi in 1956?

Updated with link.


johnfindlaymusic said...

What the f(*&(*&(-Oscar is one of my idols-ive got LPs from every stage of his career-seen him perform many times!!!

I basically know where he lives-HOW-WHY!

Harding said...

Drive by bigots have got to be the biggest losers in the world. What cowards.

In the end, Oscar is a legend who's name will live on forever. These morons, who clearly can't get girlfriends or lives, haven't much going for them.

Larry Gambone said...

Somebody should go out and kick some nazi ass, by the sound of it. Jesus, Oscar Peterson of all people. Makes me want to puke.

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