Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Calgary One Million

Calgary's population hit the one million mark - arbitrarily, as of midnight. Whether the one millionth arrival first appeared at the maternity ward or at the Greyhound station off a bus from St. John's is unknown.

We have an infrastructure for about half our current population, and while yes, the jobs really do grow on trees out here, the apartments don't. We've all heard the stories of the folks making $25 plus an hour, and living in a shelter. A one night count back in May pegged the homeless population at 3,436. This was a very conservative lowball number.

Here's a housing aid link to pass on to anyone you know thinking of coming to Cowtown, they provide stuff like low interest damage deposit loans, credit counseling and emergency utilities help.

I have to go cram myself into a packed train now...

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