Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I'm Back

Well after all the pissing and moaning and working class posturing, Whistler was lovely, everyone was exceedingly nice, the ceremony on the top of Whistler Mountain was held in breath-taking surroundings and there was an open bar. I don't remember much after I discovered that, and that they had Brazilian Brahma beer, but I'm told I had a good time.

The trip was beautiful, I drove up in a van with five of my girlfriend's relatives including her ten month old nephew and her mother who I was meeting for the first time - 16 hours and not a single cross word that I remember and that's despite having to turn off the air conditioner while doing the twisty mountain pass before Whistler so the van's engine wouldn't overheat.

Ridiculously beautiful scenery, absurdly good albeit hot weather and good company. The whole trip and stay went off without a hitch and now I'm back home while my girlfriend goes on to visit family in Saskatchewan for a week.

Sleepy now. More ranting after I get caught up with the world.

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