Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Superman Returns

A little film is opening today, you know a low budget art flick opening in a couple of rep cinemas...

I'll probably wait until next week and catch Superman Returns in 3D Imax - If you're gonna pay theatre prices, might as well go for the 'knock your brain out of the back of your skull version'...

When Superman started he was a progressive, even a revolutionary. An illegal immigrant character produced by two depression era Jewish kids one American, one Canadian. Superman did stuff like break into the governor's mansion to stop executions, threaten to toss arms merchants off of buildings, smack wifebeaters through walls, kill torturers and kidnap generals of opposing armies and order them to fight out their countries differences personally. He fought slum-lords and corrupt industrialists. He even took on the KKK in the Superman radio show, available here.

Of course he swiftly became the ultimate servant of the status quo, but he started differently.

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