Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Pentagon Still Lists Homosexuality As a Disorder

Thirty years after the medical community abandoned the idea, Pentagon documents still refer to homosexuality as a 'mental disorder'.

Well hey, they might have a point. Clearly the US military needs more healthy, responsible, clean-minded drug addicts, torturers, murderers and the severely autistic.

But no fags. That would just be sick.


Richard_Cranium said...

I find it rather interresting how, that if I am for or against abortion or capital punishment, I am simply on one side or the other. If I am pro homosexuality, I am deemed as progressive, and fighting for rights and freedoms. HOwever,if I oppose it, I am labeled a bigot and oppressor of freedom. Puzzles the heck out of me why I cant just disagree with it based on my moral and social values and let that be that.

Cliff said...

Don't approve of homosexuality? Fine, don't have sex with guys.

Oppose gays having equal rights - including the same right you and I have to marry the person we love - and you are being bigoted and you are oppressing freedom.

Here's the thing Richard, the quiet reasonable sounding folks who opposed desegregation, opposed mixed marriage and claimed it was because of states rights, religion or (pseudo) science are remembered on the same page in the history books as the ones lynching people and burning crosses.

You're on the wrong side of history and of demographics here.

joloco said...

I wonder what richard cranium thinks about Bull Conner?

Cliff said...

Richard's a good guy and I certainly was not suggesting he's a vicious bigot like Bull Conner was - just trying to make a point about changing standards of what constitutes bigotry.

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