Thursday, June 01, 2006

Dear God

Every time I think the world can't get crazier a new height of insanity is reached.

This a real product, this is a real commercial.

A major corporation sent this product to market, approved this commercial. Saw nothing that set off any alarm bells at any point in development or marketing, still have the product available.

Would you buy the Bukake Blaster 6000, sorry, The Oozinator for your child?


SkylarKD said...


Hard to believe this made it to the production stage! One wonders if toy executives actually have children. 'Cause you know if your kid gets one, you're going to get ooozed at some point! :P

calgal said...

As the mother of a small, michievous boy, the answer would be - NO WAY!!

The whole design is disturbing, and the concept of it being jolly good fun to shoot slime at other people doesn't sit well either.

Maybe my tinfoil hat is on a bit too tight, but this looks like another product aiming at desensitizing kids and making the transition to real firearms a bit more acceptable.

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