Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I'm back! Plus: Rolling Stone VS Salon - it never ends!

I'm back, I'm tanned, I'm rested and ready to bestow my pearls once again.

Kiss, kiss.

Steven Freeman, the self described primary source for Robert Kennedy's original story in Rolling Stone about the 2004 election responds to Salon's rebuttal of that story and Kennedy's rebuttal of their rebuttal.

He writes like a fussy accountant, outraged by a more blatantly stupid piece of sloppy balance book fraud then usual. He knows a statistical impossibility when he sees one, and he describes one here. And shills his book.

Here's a particularly blunt passage:
The likelihood of the three most significant anomalies -- the dramatic differences between the official count and the exit-poll projections posted on Election Night in Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania, the three critical swing states -- occurring together and all favoring the incumbent, Bush, is about one in 660,000.
Chew on that kiddies, I'm off to my warm bed and my warm girlfriend. Sleep tight.

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