Thursday, June 15, 2006

Colbert on Letterman - stream of conciousness

Colbert looks in the camera, looks at his watch and says... 'aaaaaand I'm on Letterman now.'

Blink. Flip channels and lo, it is true.

Talks about his kids puking and the respectfull silence he got at the White House Correspondants dinner. Some White House aides came up to him before the routine 'You're going to be nice, right?'

Smile. 'I think so.'

God Dave looks old and bored as he chuckles stiffly, desperate to appear avuncular at the very least. It's been a while since I've checked on him. His act palled years ago, and now he clearly doesn't much care anymore. Miami Beach, Dave. A nice sunny patch of beach with hot and cold running cigars.

Think about it.

They run a clip from Strangers with Candy which I've been kind of peversely looking forward to. Apparently Stephen's playing the middle aged ex-crack whore's new high school-teacher. It looks funny.

A Beauty Queen just led a goat on a leash onstage to hilarity from all. Time to switch to Angel on Space Channel. The excellent fifth and final season started 15 minutes ago. Good stuff.

Also, speaking purely hypothetically, if one was somehow watching Dr Who's Season Two within hours of the Brits catching it on BBC - I'd like to point out I bought the DVD of the first Season of Dr Who's rebirth and I plan to buy Season Two as well, I'm just impatient - then one might be blown away by the two-parter that wrapped up on Saturday. Dr Who VS Satan basically. With Battlestar Galactica on vacation, Dr Who is the best SF on TV right now.

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