Monday, August 07, 2006

Americans have veto over report into friendly fire death of Canadian soldier.

From the Recorder by way of Canadian Journalist.
A closed-door investigation into the possible friendly fire death of a Canadian soldier in Afghanistan has concluded, but the board of inquiry's final report won't be released. The board investigated the death of Pte. Robert Costall, who was killed last spring during a fierce firefight between coalition forces and insurgents at Sangin, west of Kandahar. American special forces, U.S. National Guard trainers and Afghan troops also took part in the battle. The inquiry's terms of reference, obtained by The Canadian Press under the Access to Information Act, order Brig.-Gen. Chris Davis, the board president, to "determine what information, including any that has been received from coalition partners, is releasable under Canadian law." The April 13 document also confirms testimony from the inquiry has been designated as secret, and U.S. and Afghan officials have a veto over the release of what they consider "classified" information.
What information can they veto? Whether it was one of their Special Forces guys who fired the shot? Should Canadian troops be involved in a mission where the circumstances of their death can be subject to another nation's discretion?


macadavy said...

Good point! Will you follow up on this story?

Cliff said...

If we're ever allowed to learn any more yes.

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