Monday, August 07, 2006

Terrorism is over-rated

The conservative Cato Institute has produced an exhaustive report that basically says you have a better chance of being hit by lightning while scratching a winning lottery ticket and getting fellated by Paris Hilton than dying in a terrorist attack.

Too far with the Paris thing? Too soon? Never mind...

This is the thing that is being used to control us through fear. This is the thing that the Elites think should define our concerns, our expectations and indeed, our very existence. Terrorism that is, not Paris Hilton, though I suppose an argument could be made.

Are we finally at long last back full circle to the simple pragmatic understanding that terrorism is a law enforcement problem and in some cases a festering injustice problem? Start dealing with it in ways that don't just create more of it?

Can we finally start acting like sensible grown-ups again?


macadavy said...

Surprising, coming from Cato. Greg Morrow has an excellent post on this theme at democraticSpace:

Cliff said...
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Cliff said...

Cato represent the Libertarian wing of American Conservatism, who along with Buchanan's Paleo-Conservative wing spotted the stink coming off Iraq from the start and are completely out of the Bush tent.

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