Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Jon Stewart: Make Jerusalem an International City

Jon Stewart has always kind of shied away from applying the same bracing snarky truthiness to Israel that he does to virtually everything else. But last night he suggested something that harks back to the 1948 proposals for peace between Jews and Arabs. The International City idea has been talked about before, it has the combined charm of being possibly the only way to achieve lasting peace, while simultaneously being unlikely to the point of impossible to implement.

We're on a path in the Middle East that leads almost inevitably to mushroom clouds, whether through suitcase bomb terrorism or military adventurism. We can all see it coming like the light at the end of the tunnel that turns out to be an oncoming train's headlight.

Maybe it's time for some new ideas, since the current paradigm is such an utter failure.

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Peace said...

I saw that episode. Hard for me to imagine someone as estute as Stewart believing Jerusalem as being the last sticking point. I think he was just being cheeky.

I seem to recall Jerusalem making the TBD list on just about every road map that have come and gone. The larger and more pressing issues are the illegal settlements that occupy huge swaths of the West Bank, rights to those bodies of water and also the right of return for the refugees.

Seems to me once you get beyond those, Jerusalem would be like crossing T's and dotting I's. In which case, an international city sounds delightful. Dare to dream.

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