Thursday, August 31, 2006

Potential President Mark Warner holding a press conference in Second Life today.

Mark Warner is the guy who the Democrats are counting on in 2008 if Hillary steps in front of a bus, either politically or literally. Conceivably he could benefit from an anybody but Hillary swing in the Primaries, but they're the same kind of establishment, technocrat New Democrats at heart.

Warner's very presidential looking Avatar will be addressing the press and public at
The Second Life New Globe Theater, a virtual version of the proposed New Globe Theater this afternoon Thursday, August 31, at 3:30pm ET that's 1:30 PM by mountain time which I'm on so I won't catch it.

This is interesting. Political process junkies should look at this closely, it has possibilities. It's also a lovely example of Marshall McLuhan's, 'The medium is the message.'


Daenna said...

Very interesting. Amazing how communication has changed with technology

Havril said...

Interesting, but nothing new. The politician we know as 'Stephen Harper' has been played by an Avatar for years. Or was that a Disney animatronic robot? Either way, it'd be nice to find the reset button.

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