Tuesday, August 15, 2006

"Let's you and him fight"

Part of what made this Israeli military adventure so damaging for Israel and the rest of the Middle East was that the US abdicated it's traditional role of restraining Israeli pugnacity. Bush even egged on Olmert to widen the conflict by attacking Syria.

Contrast this irresponsible stewardship of the US's favorite client state with Bush Sr, asking Israel NOT to participate in Gulf War I - or even strike back when Saddam's rusty scuds sputtered across the Israeli border.

The scariest thing about George W Bush is that he makes his father look like a sane and responsible leader by contrast.

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Scottie said...

I believe all this, but the average person would not..It is an interesting read, and I believe the U.S. also had something to do with the rush job of the English rounding suspects up so fast. Bush has to look good for the coming elections and what better way that thwarting terrorists.Those darn U.S. Zionists in the Pentagon and government, are running the show, and they have a hatred for all muslims.

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