Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Final Sneer?

The War in Iraq can be laid at the feet of the sneering consigliari as much or more likely more than the feet of the callow boy king. CBC's Fifth Estate did a sterling job of making the case that we've been trapped in Cheney World since 9/11:

He sneers even now, at those who would dare to question him, but it begins to resemble the sneer of the monster trapped at the top of the crumbling tower by the villagers torches.

And there's this, yes I know it's the Comedy Channel, but they predicted Rumsfeld's resignation the day before it happened, they appear to have some decent sources.

With the conclusion of the Libby trial coming, the White House may be remembering that they've always had an unassailably dignified exit option with Cheney's heart condition, could they be about to use it?

Is Cheney on a reputation defending farewell tour?

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