Tuesday, February 20, 2007

New Blogger

Didn't want to do it, tried to avoid it, woke up with a horse head in my bed with the Google brand on it and now I've been switched to New Blogger.

I'll probably end up loving it, but it's not my fault if anything is wonky. Like so much in these strange twisted days, it's Google's fault.


Alison said...

Looks fine from here, Cliff.
Everything exactly the same on IE (yeah, I know - that's not saying much)and it all seems to work.
Just got frogmarched over myself.

Labels are kinda cool and you can add them to old posts even if you didn't opt for a new template. Great for someone like me who bangs on about the same subjects a lot.
I notice there's no page in Settings to confirm your feed address anymore though. Not sure what that means.

Cliff said...

Yeah and I can't use HTML to format my profile anymore - had to jigger that a bit, plus my country is now Ca apparently.

The new spellcheck is a lot less intrusive and hopefully less wonky then the old one - and it switched out the contact e-mail I was using to my google account and I almost didn't notice.

Overall relatively painless.

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