Sunday, February 04, 2007

Secret UK plan to inoculate infants against addiction

Apparently this has been in the planning stage for some time in Downing Street. Both my girlfriend and I immediately wondered if something that blocks the effect of heroin and cocaine would mean that legitimate pain medication would be blocked as well.

Imagine having chronic arthritis or dying of stomach cancer - and because you had a shot as an infant that radically reformatted your brain you couldn't take anything that would remove the pain. Imagine recovering from surgery and being able to feel every agonizing scalpel slice. Since this inoculation supposedly blocks endorphins, would it block the endorphins that the body itself produces in response to pain or exertion?

Not to mention the thought of a government determining at birth what mental states you could ever achieve as an adult is appalling just by itself.

This sounds like an amazingly bad idea.

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