Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Keep your fingers crossed till sunset...

Through a combination of arrogant autocratic government, an unambiguous ruling from the courts, slimy pandering politics that hardened resolve and an opposition leader campaigning to the left Canada will hopefully swing back towards the rule of law today.

We dodged a bullet, because make no mistake, with the Liberals in power these laws would have been re-authorized already.

And Canadians now have the spectacle of Stephen Harper to ponder. Not even willing to let one of his henchmen have the fun of launching the attack Harper viciously slandered another MP in a desperate fear mongering attempt to hold on to autocratic powers that take us back not just pre-Charter but pre-Magna Carta. Because of a bunch of violent religious fanatics that Canadian police have proven they can take down with the legal system we already have, Stephen Harper and the Tories are fighting tooth and nail to hold on to and expand coercive government power over the individual.

Let's have no more talk about what a Libertarian Stephen Harper is, OK?

Update: Sanity. What a concept.

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Larry Gambone said...

Harper is about as much a libertarian as Hitler was a democratic socialist

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