Saturday, February 10, 2007

Oh for Chrissake...!

The Head of the Cartoon Network was pushed out over the bloody stupid Boston Lite-Brite fiasco.

This just makes you want to tear your hair out. The police belatedly over-react to what is obviously a marketing stunt or an art school wank, the media jump on the band-wagon, going from zero to full on feeding frenzy in a leap - and now we're trapped in a government/media fictional alternative universe where it was everyone's fault but the insanely over-reacting government and media.

Congratulations America, the terrorists won.

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Mike said...

So can we expect the Mayor of Boston to step down for calling out the f*cking bomb squad for a bunch of light-bright that cause NO PROBLEMS in what, 12 other cities?

Jesus, the bedwetters really have taken over the former home of the "brave" and land of the "free".

Yes, the terrorists have won. They now know they can cause panic, havoc and massive over-reaction by purchasing their supplies at ToysRUs...


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