Friday, April 27, 2007

Apologizing to Bush

In the buildup to the second round of France's presidential election, Socialist candidate Ségolène Royal has accused right wing candidate Nicholas Sarkozy of apologizing to Bush for France's refusal to join in the Iraq invasion. Sarkozy denies it, but even unproven the allegation is damaging.

Stephen Harper's apology on behalf of Canada for not joining the US in Iraq, is in writing.

Read it and consider that had Harper been in power we would have been among the 'coalition of the willing'.

Bush's vision for Iraq is perpetual occupation - or at least until he's scurried out of the Oval Office and the Republicans can safely start calling the Democrats cut and run when the toxic cup has been passed. Harper's war in Afghanistan is similarly open-ended. In both cases the wars are likely to soon be in the hands of opposition parties with barely more credibility.

Prepare yourself to be disappointed by both Liberals and Democrats when the control is back in their hands and for some reason it just never becomes prudent to bring home the troops.

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