Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Pte. Robert Costall and the waiting game

Pte. Robert Costall 22, died in a pitched firefight with Taleban forces on the night of March 29, 2006. Since then, how he died has been a closely guarded secret, which I blogged about here back in August. The Pentagon retains veto power over the results of first a Canadian and now an American Friendly Fire inquiry. The Pentagon observer even had the authority to keep Pte. Costall's family out of the Canadian inquiry.

The American friendly fire inquiry is finally done, more than a year since the incident occurred and the details are still secret. Was Pte. Costall killed by an insurgent? An American Special Forces member? Someone else?

Should the mannner of death for a Canadian soldier be information that is subject to the veto of a foriegn power?

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