Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Premier Stelmach sides with big landlords against working Albertans

His own Housing Task Force says the situation is untenable as all over the province Albertans lose their homes to predatory landlords abusing the rules to drive out renters so they can go condo, but steady Eddie says let them eat cake - and stay at the Super 8. After all, are there no prisons? No workhouses?

Better to remain politically correct than suggest the free market is ever less than perfect. Better to let Albertans suffer for the sake of pristine free market uber alles ideology.

Not as many people being driven out of their homes in Vegereville as in Calgary, hey Ed? It's just degenerate city slickers suffering right? Not good Tory, and Steady Eddie for leader voting country folk.

Two words Ed.

Harry Strom.

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