Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Here comes the sellout

I hate to say I told you so..... actually that's a damned lie, I quite enjoy saying I told you so. So, on the subject of the Liberal Party's impending sellout of Canadians on the Conservative throne speech vote, I told you so.

Dion's so called tough conditions are the political equivalent of a beaten dog rolling over and exposing his vitals. Watch Dion leap on any marginal, purely notational Conservative compromises that pretend to cater to his 'demands' in any way shape or form.

We're staying in Afghanistan, we're abandoning Kyoto, there will be some minimal and almost completely theoretical nod to poverty - nothing more than we'd get from a Liberal majority government, so nothing much.

And Stephen Harper and the Conservatives will be staying in power with the active connivance and support of the other right wing party in Canada's parliament.


Tim Webster said...

Yes, for sure the Conservatives are making a big deal out this. Why because they have nothing else to run on.

Environment - nope,
Reducing corruption - nope,
Listening to concerns of Canadians - nope
Keeping our interest at heart - nope,
Turning Afghanistan into a working state - nope,

Perhaps this time you better check your sources.

Tim Webster said...

Our soldiers have done an excellent job providing security.
To bad the Conservatives have not done their end of the deal. Bringing good governance to the Afghan People.

I almost forgot "Canada is back". Did I miss something was Canada gone for a while and I didn't notice?

Tim Webster said...

"other right wing party"?
Who the Bloc, NDP?
These are left leaning parties who wanting to push their polices throw with the minority government.

P.S. right, left party
Means nothing if you do not define the policies they stand for.

Sorry soon as you start with right, left instead of defining polices. Your words are waste of space.

Cliff said...

So anybody have any comments that actually seem to be about what I wrote?

Tim Webster said...

The problem is different news sources are covering this story with complete opposite slants. This is why I truly question the slant that ctv has put on this.

But if people don't notice this. Yes they would come to the same conclusion. What really shocked me is the Toronto star is covering this story so differently.

So the story here is how this is being covered, more than the story itself.

Cliff said...

I'm going by multiple sources not just the article I linked to. Every article leads me to the same conclusion.

Dion 'isn't looking for a Liberal throne speech' from Harper, he wants Canadian soldiers 'out of their current role in 2009', he wants poverty and economic competitiveness 'addressed' he wants bill C-30 to 'stay on the table'. He wants the throne speech to 'reflect Liberal priorities.' There are so many weasel words coming out of Dion's mouth it's enough to make your head spin.

Translaton: 'Throw me a few rhetorical bones - just enough for me to save face - and I'll take them.' All Dion is asking for from Harper is enough of a nod to these far from firm demands - no matter how minimal - for Dion to be able to support the speech while saving a modicum of face.

The two parties with the greatest ideological, political and tactical affinity for each other are the Liberals and the Conservatives. They have the same policies and priorities, the Conservatives are just a bit more open about them.

Now that most of the identity politics issues are basically used up what's left are economic justice issues - and on that front Liberals only differ from the straight Conservative line to even a minimal degree when forced to by a minority government - and sometimes not even then.

A Martin Majority over the last two year would have been virtually indistinguishable from the Harper minority we got.

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