Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday Linkblast - September 16

  • Mayrand is right
    Politicians who want bureaucrats to enact controversial laws so they don't have to are the apex of gutlessness, and yes I'm pissed that the NDP joined the pile-on too. Parliamentarians were warned the law didn't mandate removing veils last year and chose not to do anything about it. Demanding that a civil servant make laws rather than follow them is cowardly, lazy and anti-democratic.

  • Thousands march on Washington
    The elites continue to drift further away from the American consensus.

  • Krugman on American health care
    Is the only real workable solution politically possible?

  • Universality become more inevitable in America
    Even Republicans are left to hoping they can minimize it at best: "Let me tell ya, if we don't do it, the Democrats will," warns Republican Mitt Romney.

  • After fifteen years of lobbying for it...
    ...the Canadian Recording Industry Association now quietly opposes the "private copying levy". If buying blank discs requires paying a huge tax that goes to the music industry on the assumption that you will use the discs to copy their material - doesn't that mean that you've paid the music industry for the right to legally copy their material?

  • Israeli raid on Syria
    Dry run for attacks on Iran?

  • The CBC's idea of a 'representative Albertan':
does not speak for me

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