Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sign of weakness?

Bush is apparently about to name retired judge Michael B. Mukasey as the new Attorney General.

This has been described as Bush attempting to avoid a bruising confirmation battle that he might not win. There was some speculation that he'd go with an ultra partisan far right choice like Ted Olsen. Apparently not. The liberal Alliance for Justice put Mukasey on a list of four judges who, if chosen for the Supreme Court, would show the president's commitment to nominating people who could be supported by both Democrats and Republicans

Famously picky legal expert Glen Greenwald gives Mukasey a thumbs up for fairness. He's undoubtedly right wing but is known to follow the law strictly even if he disagrees with it. He stood up against the Bush administration on the detainee issue as well.

Did Bush and his team feel like they couldn't win a fight for the kind of divisive candidate they would have picked in the past?

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