Saturday, September 22, 2007

So how will they justify it?

The Liberals I mean, and voting for the government throne speech next month.

They're going to, we all know it. The NDP won't, the Bloc can't so aside from the purely partisan selfish needs of protecting the Liberal Party from an election they're terrified of, how will Dion and the Liberals justify supporting Stephen Harper and his Neo-con agenda?

Updates: 'Nuh-uh!'
and: 'It's not you, it's me.'


Greg said...

I think they will look at abstaining, on the grounds that "The Canadian People" have told them they don't want an election. Then watch Jason spin how abstaining is really not supporting the government (and really it's all the NDP's fault anyway). It will be fun.

Tim Webster said...

If the Liberals support the Conservatives when no one else can, they will lose their creditability. Abstaining is in effect supporting the Conservatives. At least in most people's eyes.

The Quebec bi-election was lost because of miss-management and perhaps the in fighting story, not because of a lack of creditability. The in fighting story did substantial harm, hurting their creditability as a result the election results were much poorer than the poles indicated. If they destroy their credibility in this way, their support in an election will greatly diminish.

kinch said...

Just watch a bunch of Liberal members being conveniently sick or stuck in traffic on that day.

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