Thursday, August 07, 2008

Emotional terrorists

The Fred Phelps group the Westboro Baptist Church (You remember them from such displays of moral imbecility as this.) plan to to picket the funeral of Tim McLean Jr., the victim of the Greyhound Bus attack in Winnipeg, declaring, "God is punishing Canada." After PETA's tin-eared equivalency of humans and animals this is just part of an unending assault on this young man's family.

Why are the Phelps morons allowed into Canada?

I never thought I'd be a fan of a group called the Patriot Guard Riders, but we could use a Canadian version of them if these psychotic douchebags follow though on their plans to howl "God hates fags!" while a grieving family buries their son.

UPDATE: Stopped at the border.


the regina mom said...

Hey Rusty, instead of slamming PETA -- or in addition to -- why not go after the Baptist Church for which the murderer used to work and thank the folks at BnR for that nugget?

Cliff said...

Um... I'm a little unclear on your point... are you suggesting the church was responsible for the behaviour of the guy who worked for them?

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