Saturday, August 02, 2008

Sunday Linkblast - August 2 (Now With Bat Shark Repellent!)

  • Tragic News For Albertans
You bastards. You lousy bastards. The Alberta provincial government has outlawed $1 drink specials and limited Happy Hour. I was able to ignore your general disdain for social and environmental issues when I had the cheap drinks to get me through. This time, it's personal, Stelmach.

  • "A Free Lunch Without The Calories" For Your Muscles
The Salk Institute has announced the development of drugs that fools your muscles into thinking you exercised. In other words, exercise in a pill. I look forward to years of stories about people who screwed themselves up overdosing on it.

  • Galileo! Galileo! Galileo Figaro!
Brian May, Guitarist for Queen, has just had his PhD thesis published. Most people don't know that May is also an astrophysicist.

  • Wonder What NRA Donors Think Of This...?
It turns out that those staunch defenders of liberty, et cetera, The National Rifle Association hired a spy to get the inside scoop on several gun control advocacy groups.

  • Rusty Idols Achieves Immortality!
Finally: It's been fun filling in for Cliff, and this will be the last of me here before I return to The Church Of Mothra. But before I go, by way of thanks, The Church wishes to bestow immortality of a sort on Cliff and his blog. You see, I've discovered after much Googling that although you can find a picture of damned near anything on the Internet, there is one obscure cultural icon that you can't find an image of anywhere.

Until now, that is. Ladies and gentlemen... the Bat Shark Repellent.

From now on whenever anyone is searching for a picture of Bat Shark Repellent, here it is. Rusty Idols: Your Number One Bat Shark Repellent destination on the web!

Thanks, Cliff, it's been fun. Now, a final blessing from Honorary Church Of Mothra Archbishop JCubDK:



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Cliff said...

I just want to take the belated opportunity to thank Matthew for treh great job he did running Rusty Idols for me while I was on my vacation. He did a great job and I strongly recommend that my readers check out his blog The Church of Mothra.

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