Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain gives gift to Democrats with his choice of running mate

McCain's painful dilemma was that his limited field of possible VP choices were all either bland, scandal plagued or utterly out of touch with an American electorate rapidly shifting left. With Sarah Palin he's managed to pick all three.

Palin has only limited experience and public exposure, a former beauty queen who has held office as governor of Alaska for less than two years. In that time she has managed to become a shill for big oil and has been accused of using her position to try to get her sister's ex-husband fired.

Democratic strategists must be like little kids on Christmas morning rubbing their eyes at the bounty under the tree.


UPDATE 2: The New York Times and the Washington Post begin the scrutiny.

UPDATE 3: Scandal, Library censorship and vetoing clean energy projects, oh my.

UPDATE 4: Yes, library censorship. After trying to fire library director Mary Ellen Emmons for the unspeakable crime of supporting Palin's opponent in the mayoral election and then backing down after protests and a threatened recall movement, Palin then asked Emmons if she “could live with censorship of library books.”

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