Saturday, August 23, 2008

Movie WTF moment

So I was watching Deathproof again the other night. One of Tarantino's better films actually, on a purely vicarious crowd pleasing level.

For those who haven't seen it, it's a vicious little revenge thriller both shot, and then the film carefully distressed to resemble a 1970's grindhouse midnight movie. It has great music, the signature Tarantino extended and looping dialogue, some very attractive young ladies featuring the signature Tarantino preoccupation with womens feet and what are some of the best fast car stunt sequences ever filmed.

It also has one of the all time most jaw-dropping WTF moments in cinema:
After mind you, insinuating to the scary redneck that the pretty sleeping girl in the cheerleader outfit works in porn.

Still a good, if occasionally baffling movie.

Anyone else got some WTF moments in cinema? Preferably, but not necessarily illustrated with a snarky photoshop illo?

Open Thread.

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Aaron said...

Ckerks 2 is full of them, especially the climax. OMFG.

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