Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Looking for someone to lead them out of the wilderness

A trait of the right: When a right wing party like the Republicans gets utterly spanked, removed from all the levels of power, repudiated and cast into the wilderness they aren't big on self reflection.

With few exceptions they don't examine or adjust policy, develop a consistent and logical framework to base their opposition on and adapt to changing times or changing public moods.

No, they go looking for a hero. A heroic leader who's teeth go 'ting' when they smile and excite the voters into forgetting why they kicked them out in the first place. American Republicans just can't stop hoping for another Reagan, and don't want to talk about the specific policy steps he might take. Older Republicans never got over their Reagan worship, and they still believe that with someone like him they won't have to change at all, Americans will just be drawn to their essential conservative perfection.

It is to be hoped that they wrap themselves in this comforting delusion and avoid all the messy self examination that is their only hope of avoiding ever more limited and receding regional rump status.


Alison said...

Or, as elected Rep. Paul Broun, R-Georgia, does here, you can just craft statements that combine Obama, Hitler, Gestapo, Marxism, Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, and banning gun ownwership.

Cliff said...

Yeah but all that vitriol sent independents to Obama in droves. This guys fighting by the old rules because Republicans can't wrap their noggins around how emphatically and utterly they and their world view have been abandoned.

muthu said...

I suggest you READ the site in it's entirety before you spout off about wilderness .
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Cliff said...

um, what site are you talking about?

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