Sunday, November 30, 2008

There's no backsies in 'To the Death!'

Abject surrender. Cringing, fawning, on their knees, terrified surrender. In the movies, at this point the hero would shake his head in disgust, lower his sword and say 'You're not worth killing.'

Of course as he turned and walked away, the villain would then pull a poisoned dagger out of his boot and throw it at the hero's back.

But this isn't a movie. We don't have to wait for Harper's inevitable next attempt to crush any and all opposition and dissent, and we shouldn't.

Because he's backed down on political financing and taking rights away from public sector workers - but still hasn't backed down on pay equity and still stubbornly insists on delaying any real fiscal stimulus as economists say flatly that now is when to open the spigots wide while there's still time.

Because he's a spiteful, vengeful little tyrant who has had his will humiliatingly and publicly defied and if he ever does win a majority we know what his agenda will be.

Because Scott Reid is right and Harper is arguably the only thing holding the Conservatives together as an even halfway electable entity and he will never give us a better chance to destroy him.

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CuriosityCat said...

Right on!

If the leaders of the Liberal Party and NDP fail to press on and install a progressive government, then we clearly need new leaders.

The basic question is: What is better for Canadians? A new government which is supported by MPs who received over 60% of the votes of Canadians, or the minority Tory government which seems out of step with the problems facing us?

A secondary but equally important question is: How can you now trust PM Harper to honour his statements?

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