Saturday, November 15, 2008

Swan dive into the ashbin of history

Stephen Harper at the beginning of the Conservative Party convention this week pleaded for a sensible non-ideological approach to governing during an economic crisis. Observers said they didn't expect anyone to rock the boat at the convention and introduce any radical new policies.

But instead the response from the party's membership was a radical right-wing agenda of attacking human rights protection and chiseling away at reproductive freedoms. Harper clearly saw this coming with spokesmen stating at the beginning of the week that the government wouldn't feel bound by a platform other than the one they just went to the voters with.

But its an excellent reminder why the Canadian people won't give the Conservatives a majority even with an historic collapse of Liberal support. The activist base of the Conservative Party of Canada looked at the Sarah Palin rallies last month and said 'Those folks, those are the base we should be playing to!'

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janfromthebruce said...

Right to work, sure will go over well in union heavy areas, and particularly in areas where manufacturing is tanking.
Reminds me also of all unionized workers in the tar sands business and well that would go over - not!

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