Saturday, November 29, 2008

Pull the trigger

Scott Reid is a smart guy - just don't bring up beer and popcorn - and he bottom-lines it: If we're going to talk about unwieldy, unstable coalitions, Harper is the only thing holding together the SoCons, Neocons, Paleocons and Red Torys of the flimsy big tent of the Conservative Party. He is a vicious snake-mean autocrat dedicated to not just the defeat but the utter destruction of the very concept of political opposition.

He is vulnerable - hell if this was a game of Mortal Kombat we'd be hearing 'FINISH HIM!' right now. And we should.

First things first: take him out.

After all, Stephen Harper is the most dangerous animal lurking in the jungles of Parliament. He is a threat to the future viability of the Liberals. A blood simple opponent of the NDP and the only serious contemporary challenge to the Bloc Quebecois. Without him, his party is an unlikely combination of Reform Party leftovers, Harris refugees and Red Tory desperates. They don't matter or even exist without Mr. Harper. So before you think a moment longer, opposition leaders, think on that.


This becomes relevant because suddenly, he is weak. In fact, at this particular moment, he is almost unable to defend himself. Owing to a ridiculously ill-considered act of hubris, he has laid himself vulnerable to his opponents. Their imperative could not be more clear: kill him. Kill him dead. Do not, whatever you do, provide him with an opportunity to extend his hold on power. Because you can be damn certain he will never again be so reckless as to give you a chance to finish him off.


Constant Vigilance said...

Hear. Hear.

Socially Active said...
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Socially Active said...

I think a coalition is possible. For the next couple of years the economy needs to be the focus. Something Harper clearly does not understand.

We are about to begin a great economic correction, where imbalances in market place economy will be corrected. Unfortunately the artificial credit induced bubble has bust and now the market place efficiency mast be addressed. It is not going to be easy to find solutions, and we definitely need minds from a verity of economic schools of thought. We don't need the single minded economic school of thought which created the credit bubble for political gains.

Cutting the GST by 2% is not economic stimulus for Canada. It is a small world, if Canada is competitive, we continue lose jobs
to other more efficient counties until we have nothing but resources to sell and Canadians are poor in the end.

We need to reduce the combined individual and social cost. We need economic efficiency.

The economic school of thought which Harper and Flaherty does not consider social cost. Only considering individual cost is a purely academic over simplification of economic theory.

Harper and Flaherty need to go. We need read solutions to the very difficult economic problems we face, not political games.

If we act wisely this great economic correction which is partly intensified by the aging baby boom and the artificial boom created by the credit bubble we can avoid a great economic depression.

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