Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Good Point

Jeffrey Simpson makes the surprisingly cogent point in the Mop and Pail today, that in the Rights and Democracy mess and the Harperites overall approach to Middle East issues, it isn't that this government has a uniquely pro-Israel viewpoint but that it is specifically a pro-Likud view point.
The crisis at Rights & Democracy, the Montreal-based human-rights group funded by Ottawa, reflects two wider problems associated with the Harper government.
The first is the unconditional support the government gives not just Israel – support that all Canadian parties correctly offer – but with a certain view of Israel held by right-wing parties in that country that form the current Israeli government.
So not only is the government trying to delegitimize any criticism of Israel, it is trying to delegitimize any viewpoint on Israel, the Palestinians and the settlements outside of the partisan policies of one right wing party within Israel.

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