Saturday, February 06, 2010

Have the courage of your convictions

What an incoherent jumble of views!

Danielle Smith believes Albertans need to 'stop apologizing'.

“We’re tired of being a victim, we’re tired of cowering, we’re tired of apologizing,” she said. “We have an immense amount of pride in our entrepreneurship, we have an immense amount of pride in the fact that we’re a society that take care of each other.”

Smith believes that 'the science on climate change remains 'unsettled' the standard big polluter paid for disinformation trying to pretend there's a controversy on a subject with overwhelming agreement among climate scientists, but she still wants some kind of vague 'real' action on climate change just to protect Alberta's reputation.
“The approach a lot of politicians have been taking is to acknowledge this is a target we want to reach, then do precisely nothing,” Smith said. “If we don’t do something material and important on the issue of CO2 emissions reductions, we will never be able to gain the credibility of our neighbours and the international community.”
So she thinks we have nothing to apologize for, she claims to believe that the overwhelming consensus on man made global warming is actually 'unsettled' but she still believes we need to do something 'material' and 'important' about it to protect our provincial reputation.

What this could actually be beyond the same bullshit con of carbon capture that the Tories are promoting is of course completely undefined.

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JAMES said...

When does Albert apologize for anything ? For decades I've never heard of Alberta backing down.

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