Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Linkblast - Feb 21

  • Not a lot of Métis in his riding apparently
    Edmonton East Tory MP Peter Goldring calls Louis Riel a “villain” with blood on his hands who stood in the way of Confederation.' “To unhang Louis Riel and to mount a statue to him on Parliament Hill would elevate anarchy and civil disobedience to that of democratic statesmanship.”

  • Market failure famine
    Free trade, deregulation and privatization catastrophic to food stability in Africa.

  • Obama finally takes on healthcare for real?
    Krugman is cautiously optimistic.

  • The Good Coup?
    The Junta in Niger seized power practically bloodlessly, released almost all prisoners within hours, were opposing an unpopular president trying to dissolve parliament, promise a return to democracy as quickly as possible and have apparent support from the public. The international community condemns the coup but arguably it was America and Europe's threat to cut all non-humanitarian aid two months ago that spurred the coup plotters.

  • Wanting to believe
    The patient communicating from a persistent vegetative state? He really wasn't

  • Roger Ebert Revealed
    As most of the internet has already discovered, this is one of the best interview profiles you'll ever read. I've always enjoyed his scrupulous fairness as a reviewer, by which I mean he would review a movie on its merits - if its a cheesy horror movie, is it an entertainingly cheesy horror movie. If its a sex comedy, is it sexy and funny?

  • Oh that's just fracking cool
    RFID tattoo that creates an augmented reality on webcams.

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