Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Quote of the Day

“We all look up to the soldiers. This really is scary. It would be like finding out the mayor was killing girls,” said Chantal Jouan, 17.
Having lived next to a CFB, I can't imagine what it's like in Trenton right now. This is a family that has had a bomb go off at its center.

The thought that a serial killer could have made it up and through the omni-present screening of the officer ranks to the rarefied atmosphere of CFB Commander is going to be devastating for morale both among the troops and among the civilian communities that live alongside the troops.

They're going to need our support.

I think how slowly the Canadian blogosphere is taking up this story may simply be that most Canadians without any Forces affiliations may not realize how big a deal it is.

There are only about 86 Airforce colonels in Canada at any given time. To personnel, family and support communities, CFB commander is a position roughly analogous to a provincial Premier. Trenton, the biggest Airforce base in Ontario and the arrival/departure location for Canada's current operations in Afghanistan has a uniquely important role in the lives of the troops and their families.

To them this is like picking up the paper and finding out the PM is suspected of being a serial killer. It will rock the foundations of the military and their extended families and communities across the country for years to come.

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