Wednesday, February 03, 2010

I'm sure they're shivering in their loafers

CALGARY — Federal Environment Minister Jim Prentice served notice Monday that energy companies and the Alberta government must improve their environmental vigilance — along with Canada’s reputation — on oilsands development and better communicate those efforts to the global community.
We won't actually do anything if you don't and we love the big con of phony 'carbon capture' technology so really, just throw us some cosmetic bones and we'll be good.

“We have a lot of work to do. It is no secret, and should be no surprise, that the general perception of the oil sands is profoundly negative. That is true both within Canada and internationally,” Mr. Prentice said.

That's even true within Alberta, which is why you haven't seen many provincial polls on the subject lately.

“We need to continue the positive work of industry, with investments in environmental technologies that will show the world how environmental responsibility and excellence can be taken to new levels. Absent this kind of Canadian leadership, we will be cast as a global poster child for environmentally unsound resource development. Canadians expect and deserve more than that.

We do, but too late Jim, the ruined international reputation ship has long since set sail.

“For those of you who doubt that the government of Canada lacks either the willingness or the authority to protect our national interests as a ‘clean energy superpower,’ think again. We do and we will. And in our efforts we will expect and we will secure the co-operation of those private interests which are developing the oil sands. Consider it a responsibility that accompanies the right to develop these valuable Canadian resources.

“How we manage environmental issues post-Copenhagen will define Canada’s future and our reputation on the international stage.”

If you think any of this vague rhetoric will translate into anything other than empty posturing, think again.

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