Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hat Trick

In the original version of the Globe and Mail's 'G20 Most Wanted' article, the guy on the left was wearing a hat that said 'Police'. I went back to it 30 seconds later and that photo had disappeared replaced with this one:

Too on the nose?


Thor said...

The Toronto Star story still has the photo of the guy in the police hat:

Alison said...

I guess he could have stolen the police cap and upon reflection the Toronto Police might have decided including the logo would fuel more accusations of their using agents provocateurs, but at their live presser today the police had pictures up of their 10 most wanted and he wasn't in any of them.

Alison said...

Still up on Toronto Police facebook page in photo #18 of 38.

Cliff said...

And one of the comments there does claim that he stole the vest and the hat from one of the famous abandoned police cars. I just find it interesting how little credence the MSM gives the provocateur idea, considering the unambiguous recent history of their usage here in Canada.

Plus, have you met a lot of anarchists who would want a police hat? Who would wear it in plain site of multiple cameras just after committing a crime? If he isn't a cop he isn't an activist either, he's a recreational rioter who could just as easily have been running through the streets to celebrate a hockey game.

Alison said...

Interesting you should mention hockey. What was it - 16 police cars burned two years ago in Montreal because the Habs won?

Cliff said...

Yeah that was what I was thinking of. Interesting how it WASN'T used to tar all hockey fans with the same brush - as opposed to implying that all political activists are 'thugs and hooligans'.

The only good thing about Dean Del Mastro: He demonstrates that red neck, right wing nutcases aren't strictly a Western Canada phenomenon.

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