Sunday, July 18, 2010

"Wise up, you douchebag"

MONTREAL - Cheech and Chong have got some pretty blunt advice for Prime Minister Stephen Harper when it comes to Canada's marijuana's laws.

"Wise up, you douchebag," Cheech Marin says with some glee when asked what he'd tell the prime minister.

Chong, who hails from Edmonton, nods in agreement.

The team of tokers is miffed that Canadian authorities, after nearly decriminalizing pot a few years ago, have made a 180-degree policy shift which culminated in a rash of recent marijuana arrests.

"I would tell Stephen Harper to let go of George Bush's butt," Chong chimes in. "Your head's too far up there. Get your head out of his butt. He's gone. George is gone. He's history, Stephen.

"In fact, turn it over to other people who care about more important things."

A spokesman for the Prime Minister's Office was not immediately available to comment.

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