Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Linkblast - July 18

  • Utterly inflexible
    It doesn't matter how many oppose it, how many experts say it's a huge mistake, the census decision won't change.

  • Israel abandons the rule of law
    The Israeli government routinely ignores court decisions it doesn't like. Where Harper learned it from?

  • The Aggressive Iran myth
    A spirited debate at Andrew Sullivan's place while he's on vacation lays down some perspective on the scary Iranian boogieman.

  • Jonathan Kay on the denialists
    Conservative columnist calls on Canadian conservatives to abandon kook stance. Analogous to Buckley VS the Birchers?

  • The Religious Right VS Birth Control
    "Given the choice between reducing abortion rates and controlling female sexuality, they will always choose the latter. Thus the idea that contraception can be a means of achieving a ceasefire in the culture wars has always been a fantasy. Liberals and conservatives aren’t just divided by abortion but by broader questions of female equality and sexual freedom."

  • The Puzzling Collapse of Earth's upper Atmosphere
    The thermosphere that protects us from solar radiation has collapsed to the lowest level since we started recording it and a new cycle of increased solar activity is starting.

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