Friday, July 30, 2010

Whistleblowers: The real threat?

Peter Worthington sniffs in disdain at Wikileaks and the information they've revealed:
WikiLeaks also “reveals” (my quotations are meant to imply irony) that Taliban have infiltrated Pakistan’s Intelligence Service and have alarming support in that country.
So what else is new? That’s been written about and commented on so often you’d think it hardly worth mentioning. Sure, it’s important, and unless the Pakistan government regains full control of its country, the war against the Taliban cannot be won. And the Taliban protect al-Qaida.
So what damage has been done by WikiLeaks exposes?
The real danger lies in individuals who squeal and steal stuff in order to leak it. They are a menace who violate their oaths and/or betray trust while often posing as people motivated by a concern for truth and principles — all of which camouflages their treachery.
So Peter Worthington is a 'journalist' (my quotations are meant to imply utter contempt) who thinks the real threat isn't a decade's worth of deadly morass in a country that has never been successfully conquered or controlled by outside powers going back to the time of Alexander the Great, that beat the British Empire at the height of its powers, sunk the Soviet Union and is actually known in history books as the 'graveyard of armies'. No the real threat is whistle blowers revealing the hard evidence of a failed and corrupt intervention causing thousands of deaths per year.

This is a so-called 'journalist' condemning the release of raw data that contradicts the rosy pronouncements of governments and military figures. Sure we already knew they were shining us on - despite the obsequious stenography of 'journalists' like Worthington - now, thanks to Wikileaks we have proof.

I'm sure Worthington will fit in well with the new 'Fox North' Sun regime.


Anonymous said...

Like a major whistleblowers is ever going to Worthington. It's the 'new' balance of power and he doesn't like it, one bit. Too frikkin bad.

Socially Active said...

If you don't know the problem you can't fix it.

But Peter Worthington and I am sure the Harper's lead conservatives feel this.

"I problem not mater how bad is not a problem that needs to be dealt with if it is hidden."

Only arrogant fools believe this.
This foolish logic is like believing, the BP spill would not have been a problem, even if it destroyed the Gulf's fishing and tourism, it could have been hidden from public eyes.

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