Thursday, July 15, 2010

Why does Dean del Mastro hate Canada?

By now we've all probably heard the opinion of the Peterborough Conservative MP that anyone trying to investigate the abuse and detention of hundreds of people never charged with a crime is defending 'thugs and hooligans'.

It's worth pointing out that Canada has experienced far more mayhem and destruction around hockey games than around political demonstrations. Of course if police responded to hockey riots the same way they did to the much fewer and less destructive cases of vandalism and damage at the G20 they would have... waited until a day later and then swept through the streets seizing anybody in a hockey jersey.

Of course Mr del Mastro wouldn't want to be considered a pandering hypocrite, so he must believe that the cases of rioting and vandalism of a few bad actors after hockey games means that all fans of our beloved de facto national sport are 'thugs and hooligans'

So I repeat, why does Dean del Mastro hate Canada?

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