Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Canada's next great completely apolitical Prime Minister

The leading contestant in CBC's Next Great Prime Minister game show has been disqualified for being the kind of person who would actually want to be Canada's Next Great Prime Minister.
A P.E.I. woman is considering legal action after she was cut from the CBC game show Canada's Next Great Prime Minister because she has previously run for Parliament.
Camille Labchuk ran for the Green Party in New Brunswick in 2006, which is against the rules of the contest. Labchuk said she knew about the rule, but after receiving an email from the CBC encouraging her to apply, she decided to inquire further.
The show producers told her the run for Parliament would not disqualify her, so she went to work doing what she could to win the contest. She took two months to do research and create a video. She also held a public event, but now she has been told she is disqualified because of her 2006 campaign.
So wait, to qualify as a contestant to be 'Canada's Next Great Prime Minister' an essential characteristic is never having actually been engaged in Canadian politics before?

As one commentator points out, its like the Dragon's Den requiring that you have never tried to start a business before or Survivor that you've never visited anywhere tropical.

Are Canadians really looking for a Great Prime Minister...who's never shown an interest in politics before until there was $50,000 on the line?

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