Wednesday, May 06, 2015

A clear contrast

Straight up; I am glad the Wildrose is the opposition.  I disagree with them about practically everything but they are clean compared to the PCs. 

Also I quite like the stark ideological contrast.  There will be two clearly defined, diametrically opposed viewpoints in governance and opposition.  Far more illuminating then the mushy but nasty neo-liberal corporatism of the PCs.

I predict a honeymoon as the NDP government and the Wildrose opposition cordially agree on campaign finance reform and a brisk sweep out of entrenched cronyism.  Then we can get down to articulating clearly defined opposing positions. 

I welcome Brian Jean, leader of the official opposition.


Michael Taylor said...

Would you comment on the precipitous departure of Mr. Prentice? As a non-Albertan watching this, I was shocked by the move, but have seen very little comment.

Cliff said...

There's no doubt he had to resign as leader of the party. You don't annihilate a 44 year old dynasty and keep the top spot, but quitting as MLA while the votes were still being counted did not go over well. The commentators on the election night tv panels were withering about it and the consensus seems to be it was a really punk move. There will be an expensive by election now which the NDP candidate will almost certainly win.

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