Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Alberta NDP outrageously refuse to stop governing just because it makes right wingers unhappy

The CFIB, a far right front group masquerading as a small business federation calls for the Alberta NDP to reverse all of the policies they were elected on because of the downturn.

If we were in a recovery the rationale would be 'cancel your policies so as not to risk the recovery.' If we were in good times their argument would be to 'Cancel all your policies to avoid causing a downturn.' There is NO CIRCUMSTANCE OR CONDITIONS under which they would ever support NDP policies - which mainstream economists would consider straightforward Keynesian stimulus and refusal to protect the well off at the expense of the weakest.

Their objections are not pragmatic, nonpartisan, reality based or any other variation of 'Just the facts ma'am.' that they pretend they are. They are ideological and based on economic theories strongly disputed by the majority of serious economists. The theories that opposed pensions, public health care, infrastructure spending, child labour laws, the very existence of minimum wages or basic labour and environmental standards as tyranny.

These are extreme radicals far outside of the Alberta mainstream being puffed up and supported by a right wing media controlled by corporate interests who benefit directly from such theories being implemented.

Like the angry extremists calling for Albertan's democratic will to be annulled because the election didn't turn out the way they had hoped, they are driven by a profoundly antidemocratic animus to the will of the people.


e.a.f. said...

that is so funny. Oh, well perhaps some one could give them a copy of the New York Times which would advise them the price of oil fell, all over the world. there is nothing Notley can do about that.

anyhow too sad, the NDP won the election. Get over it. They run the game now

Daniel said...

It was the same with the NEP in the 1980s. Oil prices were a global phenomenon and Trudeau had no control or influence over them.

As for the NDP winning the election, the first policy they should have implemented was shutting down all the coal fired generators. The province could have generated all the power needed from Peter Lougheed and Ralph Klein spinning in their graves.!!

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